Reading Process Worksheet

You can print the worksheet (with room to write) here Reading Process Worksheet.

Reading Process Worksheet

Before Reading  
Step 1: Get to Know the Text  

What does the title mean to me?



Who is the author? Do I know anything about him or her?



What is the source of the reading, and when was it written?



What do the headings tell me?



What does the introduction tell me?



In what order are the ideas? How is the text structured?



Step 2: Check Your Attitude and Purpose  

Describe your attitude toward this reading?



Describe your purpose for reading.



Step 3: Connect Experience and Background Knowledge with the Text  

How is my experience related to this chapter?



What background knowledge do I have?



During Reading  
Step 4: Write Down and Define Vocabulary  


Step 5: Take Notes on Major Ideas and Important Details  


Step 6: Write Down Your Thoughts and Reactions  


After Reading (use a separate piece of paper for these 3 steps)

These should be typed in proper format in 3 paragraphs

Step 7: Write a Summary  


Step 8: Respond to the Reading  


Step 9: Reflect  




About Karen Y. Hamilton

Karen leads workshops in Creative Writing, Poetry and Journal Therapy, and Memoir Writing. She has studied genealogy and personal histories since 1987, lecturing and leading workshops on Memoir Writing and Journaling to the community since 1998. Karen holds a BA in English and has studied Literature, Business, and Education at the graduate level. She is a former college instructor of English Composition and Reading. In the past, Karen has worked as a high school & middle school teacher. She currently works as a Curriculum Specialist and is an MFA Creative Writing student at Florida Atlantic University.
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