Common Myths about Reading

Common Myths about Reading

MYTH (not true)

REALITY (true)

You should be able to read something only once to understand it.

There is no guarantee anyone will understand what they read the first time around. All good readers have to re-read in order to understand what they read.

Some people just are not good at reading.

Reading skills can be improved with practice and some work.

Only people who read fast make good grades.

Good readers know to adjust the speed of their reading to fit the level of difficulty of what they are reading.

You don’t have to pay attention to all those charts, graphs, and pictures.

Charts, graphs, and pictures are called graphic aids. They break down the reading into important details and help you understand what you are reading.

You should start at the beginning and read all the way to the end without stopping.

Good readers find ways to engage with the reading. They break it down into smaller chunks; they connect what they are reading to their own lives and the world around them; they ask questions and make predictions as they read. Good readers go back and re-read when they find they are not understanding.

You should never take notes or make marks on the page as you read.

Underlining, highlighting, and annotating (writing in the margins) are all ways that good readers break the reading down into its important ideas. This helps them better remember and understand what they are reading.

Employers don’t care how well you can read.

Most employers recognize that reading well is an important skill needed to complete a job well.


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